Business Print Australia adds to Beverage Clients with Think Spirits Win

Print management company, BPA, is now managing the warehousing and distribution of point of sale and promotional materials for Think Spirits.

Leading Print Manager, BPA, has added another beverage client to its stable, representing its third major win in the past 12 months.

BPA has been engaged to manage the warehousing, online ordering, kitting and distribution of POS, marketing print and promo materials for Think Spirits, a boutique distributor of premium and contemporary spirits and liqueurs in Australia.  BPA’s assignment will also include some print work.

Think Spirits markets and distributes brands including Jose Cuervo Tequila, The Dalmore Scotch (shown above), Glayva Whisky, Hpnotiq Liqueur, Le Fee Absinthe and more.

Think Spirits markets and distributes a large portfolio of brands including Jose Cuervo Tequila, Jura Scotch, Glayva Whisky, Hpnotiq Liqueur and Le Fee Absinthe.  

“BPA has truly perfected our expertise in the fast turnaround point-of-sale arena over the last year, through use of our campaign management solution and other workflow enhancing innovations.” advised CEO, Garry Sandilands.

“We are delighted to be partnering with innovative marketing distributors like Think Spirits, and witnessing the success of their brands.” he added.
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Business Print Australia has been engaged to manage the distribution of point of sale and promotional materials for leading distiller, William Grant & Sons in Australia.

Leading print management company, Business Print Australia (not to be confused with Melbourne-based BPA Print Group which was recently placed into receivership), has been engaged to manage the distribution of marketing print and promotional products for the distiller of the world’s leading brands of Scotch whisky, William Grant & Sons, Australia.

Garry Sandilands, Business Print Australia’s CEO, advised “Business Print Australia has had a successful twelve months.  Over the last year we have been engaged to manage some exciting new blue chip clients, including independent distilling company, William Grant & Sons Australia.”

William Grant has already moved stocks into the Business Print Australia warehouse, with BPA now managing all online ordering of their marketing materials.

“BPA’s processes are uniquely geared towards marketing driven companies like William Grant & Sons who need to get their marketing materials into their retailers rapidly.” said Sandilands.

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Business Print Australia in partnership with Active Display Group Wins POPAI Award for Vodafone/Coles POS Unit

BPA with Active Display Group wins Silver POPAI Award for Vodafone/Coles POS Unit

Business Print Australia, print manager to Vodafone Hutchison Australia, is proud to have been involved in winning a Silver statuette in the “Grocery/Non-food/Temporary” division at the recent 2012 POPAI Awards against some tough competition.

Vodafone/Coles Sports for Schools POS Unit which won the Silver award.

BPA provided the full end-to-end print management solution, from concept stage, through to cardboard engineering, pick and pack and delivery directly into the Coles stores.

The purpose-built unit was developed for the Vodafone/Coles “Sports for Schools” promotion which ran across Coles outlets nationally. BPA took a brief from Vodafone on size, footprint and location; consulted with a range of print suppliers and came back to Vodafone with conceptual ideas for the unit. The pre-production sample developed by Active Display Group, was approved by both Vodafone and Coles before being produced. 

The ‘off location unit’ was placed into Coles supermarkets nationally, with BPA co-ordinating the distribution into the Coles stores. The promotion proved extremely successful for Vodafone and Coles, topped off by winning the Silver POPAI award.

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QR Codes

QR Codes – 10 great ideas to increase sales

What is a QR code?

Scan or Click here for BPA's QR Code Newsletter

A QR code is a unique 2-D barcode that can be scanned by a mobile device’s camera and transfer information. Based on the type of code it is, it might direct the viewer to a website, make a phone call, deliver a vCard or more.

Big in Japan and Europe, QR codes are starting to appear on billboards, brochures, business cards, print ads and product packaging in Australia – a unique and easy way to spread the word.

10 Great Ideas on How to Use Them

  1. Business cards. Rather than overload a business card with all of your company information, create a QR code that leads people to your website, a product video, or transfers your details into their phonebook.                   
  2. Labelling. Somewhere a restaurant patron is enjoying wine. They notice the QR code on the bottle and quickly scan it, which takes them to a mobile site where they can learn more about the wine and the vineyard, or links to where they can buy a case for delivery.    
  3. Store windows. Few retail businesses are open 24/7. To keep the shopping going afterhours create a Shop Online Now QR code by printing large decals and placing them on your storefront windows. One quick scan and you’ve turned a potential lost sale into an online customer!         
  4. Promotions, discounts and giveaways. You can create discounts that are specific to the QR codes. Running these codes in advertisements or posting them throughout your store, allows customers to take advantage of the discount or even forward it onto a friend through text, email, Facebook or Twitter.   
  5. Get creative with your QR Code design. QR codes can be customised with image editing tools like Photoshop, to work in your own logo or brand.  
  6. Use QR codes to get Likes and Follows. You can create mobile-friendly landing pages with Facebook “Like” buttons or lead them to your Twitter page.  The name of the game is engagement, so a “Like” or “Follow” can create a long-term marketing opportunity. 
  7. Supplement your retail space. Use QR codes next to products in Hardware stores to link to a video on YouTube of how to use specific power tools.  Or use them in Supermarkets to link to pages that show where the products were sourced, or even interviews with the farmers who grew them!  Place a QR code next to selected books in Book stores to link to reviews of the book - the applications are endless.     
  8. Increase e-commerce sales. Since QR codes can lead to URLs, you can create a code that will populate a shopping cart with specific products.         
  9. Build your email subscriber list. Use your QR code to send people to your email signup. Just make sure you give people a compelling reason to subscribe to your list.    
  10. Get the phone ringing. QR codes can also make a phone call.  If you want to get the phones ringing at your business, you can create a code that will dial a predetermined number.

BPA Generates QR Codes for Clients 

As part of our end-to-end print solution, BPA’s can generate a QR code and add it to your brochure, POS or artwork for any printed product. 

On-Demand and QR Codes

We also provide clients with an On-Demand system for personalising Business Cards and Local Area Marketing using preset templates.  This online system can also dynamically create a QR code and add it to your artwork, which when scanned will take potential clients to your website, transfer contact details into a phonebook, or any of the above ideas.

Like to know more?

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Sad to see you go!

Rob Hicks

Rob Hicks

Rob Hicks, one of BPA’s most respected Account Managers who has been in the print industry for most of his professional life, retires tomorrow.  Rob has left some very big shoes to fill, and will be greatly missed.

BPA staff will be gathering together for a BBQ tomorrow to wish him well.

We wish you all the best Rob!

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ON-DEMAND print – takes the pain out of stationery & personalised marketing

BPA’s On-Demand solution simplifies your ordering of business cards, forms and short-run personalised marketing materials.  No more costly overruns. No more inconsistent paper stocks.  No more out of date materials.  Just the printing you need, quickly and efficiently – online and on time!   


The solution has two major capabilities:     

Flyer printed for GIO.

  • Simplifies your ordering of business cards, letterheads, forms and collateral for local marketing campaigns
  • Get your printed materials to market before your competitors
  • Your Agents, Representatives, Outlets and Distributors can personalise materials quickly and easily with their individual logos and contact details
  • You develop the templates keeping you in control of the message and your brand attributes
  • Stakeholders then customise, proof and order their printing online all within the system
  • Variable order quantities can be set up for ordering efficiency, and to reduce wastage
  • Approval comes back to a nominated person before each job proceeds so you retain control
  • Materials are delivered on time, cost efficiently and to their individual specifications.


Image from Milkit Design.


On-Demand ALSO enables you to roll out your campaign across a variety of media channels both quickly and easily   

  • Create highly targeted marketing campaigns with personalised websites, and send them out via Print, SMS or Email – all within the system
  • Get your message to market before your competitors
  • This technology also allows you track each campaign and measure the response
  • Resulting in highly targeted campaigns across a variety of formats which produce strong results.     

BPA is currently using their On-Demand solution with many clients for all their stationery ordering, as well as personalised flyers and brochures for their localised marketing campaigns.  This solution is just part of our suite of workflow enhancing technology solutions, developed to solve client’s problems.  


Call BPA on 1300 577 787

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Welcome to BPA’s Blog

Welcome to our blog for print management and company news and updates.

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Should Direct Mail be print or online?

It’s more cost effective to send your direct mail campaign online, as you save on printing and mailing costs but will it have as much impact?  It’s questions like these that run through Marketers minds every day, and often it all depends on the creative, the execution or the target market you are trying to reach as to which method will work best. Here are some pros and cons of both…

The Advantages of Hard Copy DM
For many campaigns, the impact of a big colourful mailpiece landing in your target market’s lap cannot be underestimated.  Printed DM gives you the ability to deliver your product or service into your target market’s hands with strong imagery and a personal touch that an online campaign may find it difficult to achieve.  Also, depending on your target audience and the way they consume media, response rates are often higher to a printed direct mail campaign. 

For instance a sampling campaign, wherein a product flyer is sent out with a product sample or a discount coupon, can be more effective when executed in print as the product is delivered into your target audience’s hot little hands, and they don’t have to take further steps to receive the free sample/or discount coupon – like having to print it out!

Benefits of Sending your DM Campaign Online
There are however, huge benefits in delivering your DM campaign online which can outweigh the impact of print.

  1. Extends the reach of your campaign to other mediums including email, web and mobile devices, so you reach more prospects in more ways
  2. More rapid turnaround than conventional printed DM campaigns, which means a faster spike in sales  
  3. Online delivery is easy and inexpensive to personalise, which is proven to increase response rates
  4. Online delivery allows you to include a personalised message or offer for each prospect via a PURL (personalised website), taking the cost (and hassle) out of having to print different versions for different target audiences
  5. Responses are gathered immediately, eliminating data entry and return mail costs associated with the return of printed responses and forms
  6. You can track your results online in real time, with no time lag between the campaign launch and measuring its effectiveness
  7. Reduces print costs and outgoing mail management costs
  8. Can reduce overall DM campaign cost by 50%+

Why not both Print and Online Delivery?
Print management companies like BPA are now offering both print and online solutions for DM, so they are able to manage both for you.  BPA’s Communicator tool is an innovative online solution which enables you to send Direct Mail in electronic format for a faster response.  This cross media marketing tool extends your campaign from the Print medium to Email, SMS and personalised websites or ‘PURLS’.

Efficient and effective, BPA’s Communicator saves time and money in campaign execution, whilst delivering strong results and enabling you to measure the response to your campaign immediately.  You can get your campaign to market before your competitors, with the result being a highly targeted campaign across a variety of formats which produces strong results.


Contact BPA
Phone Now 1300 577 787
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